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Swedish sourdough baking blog. (In swedish)

I am Teresa, a 54 year old sourdough fanatic. I think that anyone can bake a great loaf of sourdough bread, it just takes determination. Sourdough baking is fun and addicting! This blog is for those who are obsessed with sourdough baking? like me!

Welcome To Sourdough Home!!

What can we say? We love bread, and our feelings are well summed up in two quotes.

"It isn't bread that feeds you; it is life and the spirit that feed you through bread." --Angelus Silesius, in Der Cherubinische Wandersmann

And we feel there is no better bread than bread made with sourdough. As Dr. Ed Wood summed it up:
"10,000 years later, and there's no better way to raise bread!"
In the beginning all risen breads were sourdough, or naturally leavened, breads, and there is no real reason they can't be today. The move to using commercial baking yeast was brought about to save time, not to make better bread. With practice, you can get the taste, crumb and rise you want from sourdough.
We hope you will join us in making better bread. Sourdough bread.

It all started when Jenni and Shelley decided to make sourdough pasta. Though they were several states and many miles apart, it was like having a dinner party... well... almost.

They found themselves constantly comparing notes about the care and feeding of their sourdough starters. They would discuss what new sourdough recipes they were trying or planning to try. And they found that they really liked sharing ideas and hints, successes and failures.

And after making sourdough pasta together, they wanted to do more. And to share the fun with others. Two quickly became four, and before you knew it, we were having tons of fun using our starters with friends all over the world!

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Welcome to my kitchen! If you love to bake bread or want to learn more about it, I hope you find something interesting or useful here, or have something to share with me.

What is Wild Yeast? One meaning is the yeast that makes sourdough, which I bake with often, but not exclusively. To me, though, baking with all kinds of of yeast, sourdough or not, is ?wild:? outrageous, amazing, magical. Read more about why I bake.

I have been baking bread since I treated myself to a short artisan bread class on my birthday in 2006. (Why yes, that was my 29th birthday! Maybe.) Since then I have been learning about baking from lots of sources: from classes at the wonderful San Francisco Baking Institute; from reading everything I can get my hands on, in print and online; from other home bakers at online communities such as The Fresh Loaf; and from my own trial and error.

I graduated from the professional bread and pastry program at SFBI in 2010.

When I?m not baking, I can be found working as a nurse practitioner in a community clinic, doing crossword puzzles, reading novels, and walking medium distances.

I live and bake in northern California.

Thank you for visiting Wild Yeast!